Which are the TRUE 4G / VoLTE enabled devices available in the market?

Everything you want to know about VoLTE and whether you can reap its benefits or not is explained below.

The announcement of Reliance Jio giving unlimited free domestic voice calls to any network across the country has been greeted with cheer as well as some amount of scepticism as well.

Many speculate that the data used on calls made over Jio's Voice over Long-Term Evolution (VoLTE) technology will be charged and have sought clarification on the same.

The company in a press release clarified that 'the data used for the voice calls will also neither be charged nor deducted from the data balance of the subscriber.'

Find out if your phone supports the 4G/VoLTE or not.

TRUE 4G / VoLTE Smartphones available in the market:

No. Brand Model Video Call Support Jio Preview applicability
1 LYF Earth 1 Yes Yes
2 LYF Earth 2 Yes Yes
3 LYF Flame 1 Yes Yes
4 LYF Flame 2 No Yes
5 LYF Flame 3 Yes Yes
6 LYF Flame 4 Yes Yes
7 LYF Flame 5 Yes Yes
8 LYF Flame 6 Yes Yes
9 LYF Flame 7 Yes Yes
10 LYF Flame 8 Yes Yes
11 LYF Water 1 Yes Yes
12 LYF Water 10 Yes Yes
13 LYF Water 2 Yes Yes
14 LYF Water 3 Yes Yes
15 LYF Water 4 Yes Yes
16 LYF Water 5 Yes Yes
17 LYF Water 6 Yes Yes
18 LYF Water 7 Yes Yes
19 LYF Water 8 Yes Yes
20 LYF Wind 1(16GB) Yes Yes
21 LYF Wind 1(8GB) Yes Yes
22 LYF Wind 2 No Yes
23 LYF Wind 3 Yes Yes
24 LYF Wind 4 No Yes
25 LYF Wind 5 Yes Yes
26 LYF Wind 6 Yes Yes
27 LYF Wind 7 Yes Yes
28 Samsung A8 VE (SM-A800I) Yes Yes
29 Samsung Galaxy A5 (SM-A500G) Yes Yes
30 Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016) (A510FD) Yes Yes
31 Samsung Galaxy A7 (SM-A700FD) Yes Yes
32 Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016) (A710FD) Yes Yes
33 Samsung Galaxy A8 (SM-A800F) Yes Yes
34 Samsung Galaxy Core Prime 4G (SM-G360FY) Yes Yes
35 Samsung Galaxy J2 (2016) (SM-J210F) Yes Yes
36 Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) Yes Yes
37 Samsung Galaxy J5 (SM-J500F) Yes Yes
38 Samsung Galaxy J7 (SM-J700F) Yes Yes
39 Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (SM-N910G) Yes Yes
40 Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Edge (SM-N915G) Yes Yes
41 Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (SM-N920G) Yes Yes
42 Samsung Galaxy S6 (SM-G920I) Yes Yes
43 Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (SM-G925I) Yes Yes
44 Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus (SM-G928G) Yes Yes
45 Samsung Galaxy-J2 (SM-J200G) Yes Yes
46 Samsung J Max Yes Yes
47 Samsung J5 (2016) (SM-J510F) Yes Yes
48 Samsung J7 (2016) (SM-J710F) Yes Yes
49 Samsung Note 5 Duos (SM-N9208) Yes Yes
50 Samsung ON5 (SM-G550FY) Yes Yes
51 Samsung ON5 Pro(SM-G550FY) Yes Yes
52 Samsung ON7 (Mega On - SM-G600FY) Yes Yes
53 Samsung ON7 Pro(SM-G600FY) Yes Yes
54 Samsung S7 (SM-G930F) Yes Yes
55 Samsung S7 Edge (SM-G935F) Yes Yes
56 Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro Yes Yes
57 Samsung Galaxy Note 7  Yes Yes
58 Samsung Z2 Yes Yes
59 Alcatel Pixi 4-5 inch (5045T) Yes Yes
60 Alcatel Pop3 (5054T) Yes Yes
61 Alcatel Pop 4(5051T) Yes Yes
62 Asus Zenfone 3 Deluxe ZS570KL Yes Yes
63 Asus Zenfone 3 Ultra (ZU680KL) Yes Yes
64 Asus Zenfone 3 ZE552KL (Libra) Yes Yes
65 Asus Zenfone 3 Laser ZC551KL (Scorpio) Yes Yes
66 Asus Zenfone 3 ZE520KL (Leo) Yes Yes
67 BlackBerry Priv (STV100-3) Yes No
68 Coolpad Max Yes No
69 Coolpad Mega 2.5D (Y83) Yes No
70 Gionee F103 (2 GB) No Yes
71 Gionee S Plus No Yes
72 Gionee F103 (3 GB) No Yes
73 Gionee Elife S6 No Yes
74 Gionee M5 Plus No Yes
75 Gionee P5L No Yes
76 Gionee F103 pro No Yes
77 Gionee S6s No Yes
78 Infocus M370 Yes No
79 Infocus M535 No No
80 Infocus M680 No No
81 Infocus M370I Yes No
82 Infocus M535+ No No
83 Intex Cloud String Yes No
84 Intex Aqua Eco 4G Yes No
85 Intex Aqua 4G Yes No
86 Intex Aqua Ace 2 No No
87 Intex Aqua Craze No No
88 Intex Aqua Power 4G No No
89 Intex Aqua S7 No No
90 Intex Cloud String V2.0 No No
91 Intex Aqua Ace Mini No No
92 Intex Aqua Strong 5.1 No No
93 Intex Aqua Raze No No
94 Intex Aqua 4G Strong No No
95 Intex Aqua Shine 4G No No
96 Intex Aqua Music No No
97 Intex Aqua Secure No No
98 Intex Aqua View No No
99 Karbonn Aura Yes Yes
100 Karbonn Quattro L45 IPS Yes Yes
101 Karbonn Quattro L55 HD No Yes
102 Karbonn Aura Power No Yes
103 Lava X10 No Yes
104 Lava X28  Yes Yes
105 Lava X81 No Yes
106 Lava V5 Yes Yes
107 Lava X50 Yes Yes
108 Lava A71 Yes Yes
109 Lava A72 Yes Yes
110 Lava A88 Yes Yes
111 Lava A76 Yes Yes
112 Lava A89 Yes Yes
113 Lava X46 No Yes
114 Lava X38 Yes Yes
115 Lava X38 (2GB) No Yes
116 Lava X17 Yes Yes
117 Lava X11 Yes Yes
118 LeEco Le 2 Yes No
119 LeEco Le Max 2 Yes No
120 Lenovo Vibe Shot Yes No
121 LG XCAM (K580i) Yes Yes
122 LG X Screen (K500I) Yes Yes
123 LG Google Nexus 5x (LG-H791) No Yes
124 LG G4 Stylus 4G No Yes
125 LG G5 No Yes
126 LG Spirit 4G H442 Yes Yes
127 LG K7 Yes Yes
128 LG K10 Yes Yes
129 LG Stylus 2 Plus Yes Yes
130 LG K520 - Stylus 2 Yes Yes
131 Micromax YU Yunique Plus Yes Yes
132 Micromax YU Yunique YU4711 Yes Yes
133 Micromax Canvas Sliver 5 (Q450) Yes Yes
134 Micromax Canvas Amaze (Q491) Yes Yes
135 Micromax Yu Yuphoria (YU5010A) Yes Yes
136 Micromax Yu Note (YU6000) No Yes
137 Micromax Canvas Mega 2 Q426 Yes Yes
138 Motorola Moto G (3rd Gen) No No
139 Motorola New Moto E (Moto E 2nd Gen) No No
140 Motorola Moto X Play No No
141 Motorola G Turbo No No
142 Motorola G4 No No
143 Motorola G4 Plus No No
144 Oneplus Oneplus 3 No No
145 Onida I4G1 No No
146 Oppo F1 No No
147 Oppo A37 No No
148 Oppo F1 Plus No No
149 Oppo F1S No No
150 Panasonic P55 Novo 4G No Yes
151 Panasonic Eluga Arc 2 No Yes
152 Panasonic Eluga I2 (2gb) No Yes
153 Panasonic Eluga I2 (3gb) No Yes
154 Panasonic Eluga Arc Yes Yes
155 Panasonic Eluga Icon 2 Yes Yes
156 Panasonic Eluga I3 No Yes
157 Panasonic Eluga A2 No Yes
158 Panasonic Eluga Note No Yes
159 Sony Xperia Z5 Dual (E6883) No No
160 Sony Xperia Z5 Premium Dual No No
161 Sony Xperia X (F5122) Yes No
162 TCL TCL 560 No Yes
163 TCL TCL 562 No Yes
164 Videocon Krypton 3 V50JG No Yes
165 Videocon Graphite 1 V45ED (4 Band) No Yes
166 Videocon Graphite 1 V45ED (6 Band) No Yes
167 Videocon Q1 No Yes
168 Vivo Y21L No No
169 Vivo V3 No No
170 Vivo V3 Max No No
171 Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime (H2X) Yes No
172 Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 (H3A) Yes No
173 Xiaomi Mi5 Yes No
174 Xiaomi Mi Max Yes No
175 Xiaomi Redmi 3s Yes No
176 Xiaomi Redmi 3s Prime Yes No
177 Xolo Era 4G Yes Yes

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