After 4G LTE, Reliance Jio sets eyes on DTH, broadband services

Reliance Jio likely to launch DTH service on Dec 15, may offer free six-month subscription as “Welcome Offer

Reliance Jio is already breaking all sorts of records with its 4G services, but turns out, it is only the beginning and there’s a lot more in store. After incumbent 4G network operators, Jio now has its eyes set of existing DTH and broadband service providers. Though there is no set timeline for a launch, Jio is working on soon offering broadband services with up to 1Gbps speeds, and a set-top-box with a host of HD channels. Last month BGR India visited Reliance Jio’s Experience Centre to get a first-hand experience of some of the services the company has in the works, which could be launched soon.

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Reliance Jio has been doing the groundwork for the better part of a decade now to lay down fiber optic cables across major cities in India. The company is set to offer Fiber To The Home (FTTH) services with speeds up to 1Gbps, and it has already started a limited pilot program in cities like Mumbai and Delhi. This isn’t the first time we are hearing of Jio’s FTTH plans, and Mukesh Ambani had mentioned about it during the Jio 4G launch earlier this year.

Along with FTTH, Jio is also planning to have a set top box that will provide live TV streaming (Jio TV) along with other services that Jio already offers as a part of its ‘My Jio’ app suite for 4G LTE users. At the experience centre, the company showcased how its FTTH service would work with an NVDIA Shield Android TV to have smart TV functionality. Along with a bouquet of 350 channels, including over four dozen HD channels, users will also be able to view “catch up” TV up to seven days. The best part is they don’t have to record anything as everything is stored on Jio’s servers. Users will also be able to use the smart remote and use voice search commands like “Shah Rukh Khan”, which will show all content related to the actor that has appeared on TV in the last seven days. Of course, the hardware can support 4K playback and can also connect with other apps.

For a connected home lifestyle, users will be able to use the same connection to have multiple TV streams on multiple devices. For this, there is an app called MediaShare, so you can leave the stream on one device and continue it on another. Jio is also working on Chromecast Audio like hardware that will convert your old speakers into connected ones. The company is also working on other smart home devices like connected security cameras, smart locks and others. It is also working devices that can provide broadband over power lines in order to extend the range of internet connectivity across one’s house.

Coming to the physical world, Jio also showcased a tiny device that connects into the car’s OBD port. The device not only provides internet connectivity inside the car but also has an app where you can view the car’s diagnostics in real time, locate the car, and even control various functions.

Reliance Jio has only given a glimpse at what it plans to launch going forward, without actually revealing any particular timeline. We must admit that these plans sound pretty interesting, and a tad ambitious as well. The idea behind Jio’s 4G services was equally ambitious, but since launch, the issues being faced by its users is no secret. Almost every day, we come across users complaining about call drops or low mobile data speeds. It would be interesting to see how these services fare once they are launched in the country.

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